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Software - Our Hot Pick for the Month

The software we have chosen as our "Hot Pick" of the Month.

DVD Profiler is for those of you that are movie buffs, and have a DVD collection that your quite proud of. It's quite feature rich, and easy to use. Adding most DVDs is as simple as typing in the barcode number, it will then download all relevant info for that dvd including front and rear cover images.

More Info

Download Trial Version Now


If you were looking for information on Computer Repair Services, Networking, Internet Services, Website Hosting or Web Design / Web Marketing Services, then please browse through our “Services” section by clicking here or on “Services” in the menu bar above.

If you were looking for information on New Computers, Computer Upgrade Packages, Laptops / Notebooks, or Executive Items such as PDAs, LCD Monitors, Projectors, etc, then you have come to the right page.

Please make your selection below by clicking on the image or name of what you are interested in. You can return to this page at anytime by clicking on “Products” in the menu bar above.

With our new computers, we believe in only selling to you what you require or want, instead of charging you for lots of software that you’ll probably never use.

You pay for the computer and that’s it, we only sell you additional software if you need or ask for it.

In many cases you may not require a new computer but simply an upgrade to your existing PC.

The advantage of a computer upgrade to you is a cost saving, whilst still ending up with a more powerful and reliable PC.

At Advantage Computer Systems, we understand that in today’s life many people require a Laptop / Notebook computer for life on the go.

Whether it be at home, the office, or at client meetings, or even all three, our range of laptops will assist you to continue your work anywhere you need or desire to.

Executive / Luxury Items

PDAs, LCD Flat Monitors, Projectors, Digital Cameras, and Colour Laser Printers. We will leave up to you whether you use them for business or pleasure.

( Coming Soon................ )



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