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  1. On-Site Computer Repair Service
    How you can assist in a speedy repair
  2. Format and Reinstallation of Windows
  3. Remote Access Admin / Repairs
  4. Back Up Systems Implementation
  5. Standard Rates & Charges
  6. Service Packages
    Computer Service Packages Rates



Onsite Computer Repair Service

Advantage Computer Systems offers a mobile repair service only, where we come to you, and either fix your PC "On-Site" or should the work required to be done on your PC be a little bit more extensive or time consuming, then we will take the PC away, repair it, and then deliver it back to you.

All Computer Repair Charges can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page.


How you can assist in a speedy repair.

You may require our PC repair services for a variety of reasons, your computer may have a virus, it may be encountering a specific error or problem, or it possibly might have stopped working altogether and be a hardware fault. To aid in a speedy and efficient repair we ask that you have the following items ready with your PC upon our arrival:

1. All Floppy Disks or CDs that came with your computer.
2. Your Windows installation CD and serial number.
3. All the driver and utility disks or CDs that you have for your PC.
4. Any other disks, CDs and serial numbers that may be relevant, for example if you are having a problem with Microsoft Office it would be helpful if you had your MS Office CD and serial number at hand.

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Format and Reinstallation of Windows

In some cases formatting your computer and reinstalling the operating system is not only the best overall solution but also the quickest. If this procedure takes place at your premises then the “onsite repair charges” apply, however if we take your computer back to our base to complete this task then the “Format & Reinstallation” charge will be applied instead.

A format and Reinstall entails the following:
1.Backing up all available / required data on the hard disk drive
2.Formatting the hard drive ( wiping ALL data from it ).
3.Reinstalling the version of Windows that you were using previously ( unless you also wish to upgrade the version at this time ).
4.If previously installed we will also re-install Microsoft Office at no extra charge, however you must make sure you are able to provide us with your CD key.

If you require additional software installed, additional labour charges to the "Format & Reinstall" Charge may apply. Also if the additional software that you require to be installed is software you have purchased, you will also need to provide us with the installation CD. However if it is software freely available for download ( shareware, opensource, freeware ) we can download the software again for you if you do not still have the original installation file.

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Remote Access Admin / Repairs

For those clients that are connected to the internet via ADSL / Broadband, Advantage Computer Systems also offers a "Remote Access Admin / Repairs" Service. This is especially useful if you are for example located in country W.A, Although it is offered to everyone in WA.

What this involves is simply making an appointment, downloading a small single file from our website that will allow us to log in upon you clicking it, Once we have finished and close the connection, we are unable to log in again unless initiated by you clicking on the file again. Its that easy. Plus, everything we do, you will be able to watch on your PC as we do it.

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Back Up Systems Implementation

One of the most important areas of a business's I.T infrastructure, is data protection. Quite often the cost of replacing a business computer is negligable compared to the cost of losing all the data stored on it. Computer hardware can easily be replaced, unfortunately the same can not be said for your companies data, unless you have a good data back-up system in place, and the sad truth is, many companies today, still don't!!

It is sometimes percieved to be either expensive, costly, or too complicated, this simply isn't the case. One of the other main reason's why a bussiness might not have an adequate Back-Up System in place is possible confusion. Many businesses for example will do their MYOB or Quicken Back-Ups, thinking that is all their important data backed-up, but what about all the other data on a PC, all the files in "My Documents", emails, calander appointments, contacts information, pictures, databases, or other data associated with an important piece of software that your company uses. ALL of this data can be backed up efficiently, easily, and without a huge cost involved.
The 2 main questions that normally need answering are, how often should I back-up? and What back-up method should I use? The answers to these two very important questions all depends on the amount of data that needs to be backed up, and if you somehow lost all your data today through fire, theft or hardware failure, how much data would you be prepared to lose? For some bussinesses a weeks worth of data would be easily input again, for others inputting a weeks worth of data would be a massively costly exercise, and therefore would require daily back-ups.

Advantage Computer Systems can assess your business's data back up needs, and can help you determine which data back-up system would be right for you, and how often the data back-up should be performed. We can then implement that system for you, supplying any hardware or software that may be required, setting it up, and explaining to you anything you need to know, or if the back-ups will be performed manually, then how to go about the process.

If your bussiness has not currently got an adequate back-up system in place, then please call us to make an appointment in order to protect your business's data.

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Service Packages

The cost of a computers downtime or related equipment for a business can be expensive, we have all come to depend on computers and the internet to such a large degree that it is sometimes debilitating when we find ourselves or our business left without them, if even for a short time. And as with anything "Prevention" is always better than "a cure".

With that in mind Advantage Computer Systems offers a few Service packs that your business can benefit from in terms of keeping your PC's as trouble free as possible. The Service Packs are designed to ensure a regular visit to carry out ongoing maintenance or to deal with any new small issues that have arisen, before they turn into large issues. Examples of work that could be carried out on these regular visits range from virus scanning & removal, adware, spyware, and malware scanning and removal, defragging of PCs, Checking the back up system is working effectively, implementing new I.T solutions that your business could benefit from, resolving any new issues that have arisen since the last visit, or upgading the current I.T infrastructure as your business or bussiness needs grow.

Obviously every bussiness is different, and so are their requirements, for some using the standard call out as and when you need it may be sufficient, for others a regular monthly visit may be needed, or even a regular weekly visit. Below are a few Computer Maintenance Service packs that should cover the requirements of most businesses. If you would like to discuss your needs any further before choosing to purchase one, please give us a call, and we'll help or guide you to decide which service pack might be most appropiate for you or your business.

Our aim is to provide those businesses, who don't have enough need to hire a full-time I.T person, with your very own in-house I.T person, on a regular basis, that will become more familiar with your I.T requirements, as well as your business as time goes on, and therefore being in a much better position to offer you good advice.

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Standard Rates & Charges
As of 1st July 2010

  • Call Out Fee


  • Hourly On-Site Repair Charge

 $120+GST Per Hour

  • Hourly Off-Site Repair Charge

 $120+GST Per Hour

  • Off-Site Format & Reinstallation of Windows


  • Remote Admin / Repair Charge
    ( By Appointment Only & ADSL Internet Connection Required )

 $120+GST Per Hour

  • After Hours Call Out Fee
    ( 5pm - 8am Mon - Fri & All Weekend )


  • Hourly After Hours Repair Charge

 $240+GST Per Hour

Computer Service Packages Rates
  • Monthly Service Pack - 1
    ( 1 x 1 Hour visit per month )
  • Monthly Service Pack - 2
    ( 1 x 2 Hour visit per month )
  • Fortnightly Service Pack
    ( 1 x 2 Hour visit twice per month)
  • Weekly Service Pack
    ( 1 x 2 Hour visit per week. )
    ( 50 weeks per year )

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