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Website - Our Hot Pick for the Month

The website we have chosen as our "Hot Pick" of the Month.

GOPC is a website that offers a suite of portable applications that can be run directly from your thumbdrive, ipod, or other portable device. It stores the data on the portable device, so you can take it with you, whether its email, browsing history & bookmarks, msn lists, media players, the list goes on, and its quite an extensive list at that. The best part...Its Completely Free, no trial, no advertisements, just free!!

Visit Website Now


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Westnet is Australia's number 1 internet service provider when it comes to customer service & reliability.
Whirlpool brings you the latest news and information regarding Australian broadband.
As well as having a very active forum..
Microsoft's official Website.
Get all the latest servive packs, security updates and bug fixes for your version of Windows right here.
Get all the latest servive packs, security updates and bug fixes for your version of Microsoft Office right here.
Intel's official website.
The world's most Popular Search Engine.
The makers of Norton AntiVirus, one of the most popular antivirus programs available today.
ZoneLabs produce a very nice easy to use firewall called ZoneAlarm.

GOPC Is a virtual Computer online.
It gives you your own Desktop environment on the Internet.
This means that you can login to your GOPC from any Internet-connected computer and work from anywhere in the world.

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