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January 2011: Business Websites Questions and Answers



  1. What is a Template Website?
  2. How does a Template Site Differ to a Normal Static Website?
  3. What "Is" included in a Template Website Package?
  4. What "Is Not" included in a Template Site Package?
  5. The Template Website Construction Process
  6. Stock Images
  7. Copywriting
  8. Search Engine Optimisation
  9. Cost of a Template Website Package
  10. Cost of Additional Services


Web Design Perth


What is a Template Website?

Our template websites are just like a regular static website without the cost of the "customised" design element.

We help you choose a design for your website from a range of pre-designed templates, this essentially gives us an empty shell to work with, and then once you have give us your content, we lay it out on the pages within the site.

Using this method of building a site reduces the cost of your website, as essentially all you're paying for is to have the individual pages created from the template, and your content laid out within those pages.

We also perform an initial once off "Search Engine Optimisation" of the site, and then get it listed for you. On-going Search Engine Optimisation Services are also available, please see relevant section below for more information.

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How does a Template Site Differ to a Normal Static Website?

When getting a website there are generally 2 main elements, the first is the design and look of the site, the second is the content ( your photo's and body copy ). The bulk of the cost with a normal "customised design" website is generally in the design element. An initial project meeting with the client is held to find out what they want, a design concept is then created, another project meeting with the client, amendments to the design, and further meetings with the client until the design concept is approved, and then the site's webpages are created ready for the content to be laid out. This process takes time, and can add quite a bit of cost to the overall price of the site. Small Businesses sometimes don't want or need to spend thousands on this process.

What Advantage Computer Systems does with a template site is essentially cut the design process out of the picture by buying a template site ( one that has already been designed ), and in doing so, we also cut out the cost of that "customised design", and even the time spent on all those project meetings.

The template website still looks very professional, and will represent your business very well, as they are still design by professional designers. The reason the templates are cheaper than the "design process", is because you don't have exclusivity with the template e.g. someone else may have bought the same template for their business. Even if this is the case, the same template can still look quite a bit different once you have laid out the content for your business.

Most small businesses just want a website that says who they are, what they do, what products or services they offer, where they are and how to contact them. Some small businesses will even get a website just because they believe that businesses should have one, not necessarily because they think it will be a source of revenue. In both cases a template website is an excellent option, you get a professional looking website that represents your company well, and without it costing you more than you want to spend.

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What "Is" included in a Template Website Package?

•   The Template

•   The cost of the Labour to create the required pages from the template

•   The cost of the Labour to feed in and layout the your content

•   We may use 1 or 2 stock images if required ( at our discretion )

•   The cost of doing an initial SEO on the site ( ongoing SEO is a chargable service )

•   Submitting the site to some of the major search engines once it is set live

•   We may also include some editing, cropping or colour/contrast adjustments on the photos you provide us, but at our discretion. ( If we feel the photo is not up to par, or will drag down the level of the site, we can let you know, so you may provide us with further photos )

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What "Is Not" included in a Template Site Package?

•   Design work, either on the template site or on your content images ( except minor photo adjustments mentioned above, and possibly changing the header image, but again, at our discretion )

•   Writing body copy ( although for an additional charge we can have a copywriter take care of this aspect for you )

•   Taking photos on your behalf ( it is up to you to provide your own photos )

•   Stock images ( we can provide these but at an additional cost, although if its just 1 or 2 we may waive the charges )

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The Template Website Construction Process

Once you have bought a template website package the following process occurs ( this may vary slightly depending on circumstances ):

1.   You are presented with 5 templates that match the theme and colours of your business.

2.   You then choose the template you would like to use

3.   You provide approx 10 keyword phrases

4.   You provide content for your website ( photos / images / body copy )

5.   We purchase the template you chose

6.   We create the individual pages, and produce an empty site, to a fully functioning stage

7.   We then layout the your content on the relevant pages

8.   We perform the initial SEO on the site ( we may alter some of the body copy slightly during this process, unless you have specifically told us otherwise )

9.   You then get to see your website, to make sure you are happy with it

10.   We make any final adjustments to your content, based on your feedback  ( spelling errors, maybe different pictures )

11.   Once you have given us final approval, we set the site live

12.   Finally we initiate the process of getting your site listed in Search Engines e.g. Google ( please note, this sometimes can take a month or two if using a domain name not already indexed by Google )

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Stock Images

If you are struggling to come up with images or photos for your website, then as an additional service we can also provide stock images that relate to your type or style of business. Because each image or each size of an image costs a different amount, it is hard to quote on this service. However, you can specify a budget you would like us to stick to. Anywhere from $50 to $150 for a 5 page site should be ample. Depending on number of images required, it could be less.

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The number 1 reason a website generally takes longer than normal, is waiting for content from "the client". Writing body copy for your website, sometimes is a tedious or daunting task, and is very easy to put off when you have all the workings of a normal business day happening. It is for this reason we have made available copywriting services. Feel free to utilise this service if you don't already have body copy for your site, and don't wish to write it yourself. This service is charged at an hourly rate ( prices below ).

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Search Engine Optimisation

Once we have gotten your website listed with the search engines, the next concern is your websites placement within those listings under certain search terms.

The way search engines work, is they try and list the most relevant sites first based upon its "criteria" ( also referred to as "algorithm" ).

The task of Search Engine Optimisation involves, not only making your website search engine friendly by allowing the search engine to see the relevant parts of your site, but also optimising your site to meet the search engines ever-changing criteria.

This is an ongoing process, as even if you reach the placement you were striving for this month, it doesn't mean you'll still be there next month. Your website needs to be regularly monitored, and if needed, "Optimised". Please note that no-one can actually "guarantee" a specific placement in the listings ( e.g. first place, or first page ), Search Engine Optimisation is simply the job of striving for these sought after placements.

We offer our SEO services as an additional service ( prices below ), where we will monitor and Optimise your website each Month.

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Cost of a Template Website Package
As of 1st July 2010

  • Template Website Package ( up to 5 pages )
  • Yearly Hosting ( Yearly Ongoing Fee )
Cost of Additional Services
  • Additional Pages (providing there’s room)
   $165 per page
  • Ongoing Monthly SEO
   $132 per month
  • Copywriting
   $99 per hour
  • Stock Images ( cost varies per image. A budget by you can be set )

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