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January 2011: Business Websites Questions and Answers



  1. What is Hosting?
  2. Our Hosting Capabilities / Key Features
  3. What Websites can we Host?
  4. Email - Virus, Banned Files and Spam Protection
  5. Control Panel Access
  6. Search Engine Optimisation
  7. Cost of Hosting
  8. Hosting Allowances


Web Hosting Perth


What is Hosting?

Hosting is the service of storing and handling files or data for access via the Internet ( World Wide Web ), e.g. Website, Email, Domain Names / DNS Records, Database, etc.

In the case of a Website, this would be storing the files that make up your website, and transferring them across the internet to any pc requesting to view them ( broadcasts the website to the internet ).

In the case of Email, the hosting would handle the sending, receiving and storing of emails, until you are ready to access or download them.

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Our Hosting Capabilities / Key Features

We have a Linux Server located in an Australian data centre that utilises the network infrastructure of a dedicated National ISP.

Our hosting is specifically designed for Australian Businesses, and as such we do not sell these services online, or offer the service to anyone and everyone. Our aim is to serve the Australian SMB market ( including home businesses ).

We are able to host the following:

• Domain Names / DNS records
• Websites
• Email
• MySQL databases

We also offer the following features:

• FTP Access
• Control Panel Access upon request
• A Comprehensive Statistics Package to track your websites performance.
• Email Virus Protection.
• Spam Protection.
• Website and Database Back Up Service

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What Websites can we Host?

We can host HTML & PHP websites, and possibly others.

As a general rule, if your webpages end in “.htm”, “.html”, or “.php.”, then we can host it.

If the webpages of your site end in something else, then we will need to have a closer look at the site to determine whether we can host it.

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Email - Virus, Banned Files and Spam Protection

All hosting accounts come standard with virus protection, spam protection, and banned files protection ( files that typically contain viruses .exe .bat etc ).

Whilst the email hosting comes with virus protection, it is still STRONGLY recommended that the client also has a virus scanner with a real-time scanning function. No virus scanner will catch 100% of the viruses, 100% of the time.
We recommend NOD32 ( ).

The Spam protection works using a scoring system, 2 tag levels, and a kill level.
Each email has a number of tests ran on it, each test carries a score, so based upon which tests it fails, or even passes, the email will end up with an overall score ( e.g. “1.5” ).
When the score of an email is high enough to reach the 1st tag level ( score of “2.0” is the default setting ), then the subject line of the email is changed and a tag of “***POSSIBLE SPAM***” is added to the start of the subject line.
When the score of an email is high enough to reach the 2nd tag level ( score of “4.5” is the default setting ), then the subject line of the email is changed and a tag of “*****SPAM EMAIL*****” is added to the start of the subject line.
When the score of an email is high enough to reach the kill level ( score of “12” is the default setting ), then the email is deleted without being delivered to the clients mailbox.

Using the Subject line tags, the client could set up mail rules within their email program to filter those emails into a separate folder/s.

All of these Spam Tag / Kill levels are adjustable and should you find them either too sensitive, or not sensitive enough, then they can be tailored to your individual business needs.
If the settings of these levels are acceptable but there are emails from just 1 or 2 email addresses that are being incorrectly tagged as “Spam” or “Possible Spam”, then we can add those email addresses to a whitelist. Emails from email addresses that are in the whitelist won’t have any spam checks ran on them.
A blacklist also exists, and emails from addresses in the blacklist will automatically be tagged as “Spam”. However, using the blacklist is usually a waste of time, given that spam more often than not will come from a different email address every time. It is only useful if you are receiving spam from the same email address constantly.

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Control Panel Access

Control Panel access is available upon request for those clients who wish to manage there own hosting, email, and website settings, as well as their DNS records.

*Caution is advised however, there are settings in here that could disable or delete vital information needed for the website or email to work. Should this happen, then we will charge for fixing it again.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We offer our SEO services as an additional service, where we will monitor and Optimise your website each Month.

Please Click Here for more info.

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Cost of Hosting
As of 1st July 2010

  • Web Hosting ( email hosting included )
   $330 per year
  • Email Only Hosting
Hosting Allowances
  • Storage ( Web and Email combined )
   1 GB
  • Monthly Traffic*
   1 GB per month
  • Email Addresses ( for your business Domain )
   Up to 5
  • Email Aliases ( for your business Domain )
   Up to 5
  • Email Forwarders ( for your business Domain )
   Up to 5
  • Virus Scanning
  • Spam Protection

* Monthly Traffic is that of your website and / or emails, this is not the data allowance of your internet account ( that allowance is determined by your Internet company ).

1GB each for Storage and Traffic is normally more than ample for most businesses, but we can provide more if required, as well as additional email accounts at your domain name.

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