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What is a CRM?
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and CRM software such as SuiteCRM is a way to better manage your existing and potential customers by keeping track of vital information and interactions with those customers.

A CRM can keep records of basic contact information for a client such as address, phone numbers, emails, websites and even keep these records for specific contacts within a clients company. A CRM can also keep records of emails sent and received to a particular customer, and will associate the email record with the client record, it can also be used to track phone calls to or from the client, or even appointments with the client. You can even add additional notes or attachments to a particular customers record.

A CRM can also be used to manage your time, making you more efficient in the way you work. It can remind you of things to do, phone calls you have to make, and meetings that you have scheduled, as well as on-going project tasks that you have to complete.

What are the Benefits of using a CRM?
Because all of this information is stored in a central location it can aid in better communication within your company’s organisational structure, for example if someone in your “Sales department” has promised a special price to a client, then the email, phone call or notational records relating to this agreement can be attached to the clients record, so that the person in your “Accounts department” can easily see what has been agreed upon and then be able to Invoice the client accordingly. Likewise if information needs to be communicated to another department such as “Service” , “Technical” or “Marketing” then a CRM can streamline this process making your business more efficient overall, and improving your level of customer service.

There can be many and varied benefits to using a CRM, and depending on your company's operations, these could include saving time and money, a more professional and organised approach to client follow up, keeping client information safe and secure in a central location ( no lost post-it notes or bits of paper ), more efficient way to handle tasks or projects, better time management, easier to track sales, easier to manage a sales team by seeing where each team member is at with their individual sales / prospects ( i.e. what sales do they have in the pipeline, and how likely are they to successfully close the sale ), even better communication within your company, either between individuals or different departments.

Sounds complicated, is it?

There is a little bit of work in getting it set up, but fortunately we can take care of the majority of it, even inputting your client information can be made easier in a lot of cases. For example, if you are using something like MYOB, that will allow you to export your client information ( we can help you do this ), then once exported we can then import this information into your CRM, the only thing you may have to do, is just quickly double check each record, in case any fields for a record where mismatched, or were incomplete to start with.

And because we offer a managed CRM hosting service, we take care of the administration of the CRM, while you focus on simply using the CRM. We do the technical work, so you don’t have to.

Once the CRM is set-up all you have to do is use it. We can provide basic training if needed, but SuiteCRM really is easy to use.

Can I have a look at it and try it before signing up?

If you wish to view a demo, and just give SuiteCRM a bit of a test drive to see exactly how it works, then please call us on +61 8 9467 2650 and we can direct you to our demo version.

What is SuiteCRM?
SuiteCRM is the world’s most popular open source CRM, and we even use SuiteCRM ourselves. It is easy to use, and is ideal for home businesses, small and medium sized businesses, individual sales professionals just looking for a better way to manage their contacts, prospects, time etc. and is even scalable up to enterprise size users and data.

SuiteCRM is opensource, and always will be. That means not only is it free, but you are also free to get the source code as well ( i.e. both the software and sourcecode can be downloaded ). Although this won’t be necessary, as we do all the technical work for you.

The only thing you will need to pay for is one of our Managed CRM Hosting Packages.

Managed SuiteCRM Hosting Packages

Please see our packages below. If you would like more information then please check out our “SuiteCRM” page, and if you still have any questions or queries, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on +61 8 9467 2650. We will be happy to help.


Take the Next Step, and Give us a call.
So if it sounds like our “Managed & Hosted SuiteCRM Service” will help you or your staff improve your business’s efficiency, and level of customer service, then please call us today on +61 8 9467 2650 to start discussing the next step.

We'll take care of the technical aspect, so you can get on with running your business.