Service Packages & Preventative Maintenance

Service Packages & Preventative Maintenance

The cost of downtime for a computer or related equipment, to a business can be expensive. We have all come to depend on computers and the internet to such a large degree that it is sometimes debilitating when we find ourselves or our business left without them, if even for a short time. And as with anything “Prevention” is always better than “a cure”.

With that in mind Advantage Computer Systems will create and tailor a Service pack to suit your needs, so that your business can benefit from keeping your computers as trouble free as possible, and thus reducing that dreaded “Downtime”. Your Service Pack will be designed to ensure a regular visit to carry out ongoing maintenance or to deal with any new small issues that have arisen, before they turn into large issues.

Examples of work that could be carried out on these regular visits include the following:
Virus scanning & removal
Adware, Spyware, and Malware scanning & removal
Defragging of PCs
Checking the back up system is working effectively
Applying or Ensuring Operating System Updates have been done
Applying any Software Updates that are required
Resolving any new issues that have arisen since the last visit
Recommending and implementing new I.T solutions that would be of benefit to your business
Upgading the current I.T infrastructure as your business or bussiness needs grow.
Answering any “How do I?” type questions from yourself or other staff members
As well as any other routine work that may be specific to your business or your businesses I.T infrastructure

Obviously every business is different, and so are their requirements, for some using the standard call out, as and when you need it, may be sufficient, for others a regular monthly visit may be needed, or even a regular weekly visit. If you would like to discuss your needs any further, please give us a call, and we’ll help or guide you to decide what work should be included in your service pack, as well as what frequency and duration would be most appropiate for you or your business.

Our aim is to provide those businesses, who don’t have a big enough requiremment to hire a full-time I.T person, with your very own in-house I.T person, on a regular basis, that will become more familiar with your I.T requirements, as well as your business as time goes on, and therefore become much better positioned to offer you good advice specific to your business.