Virus Cleaning / Re-Install Windows or Ubuntu

Virus Cleaning / Re-Install Windows or Ubuntu

Virus Cleaning

There are many bugs these days that can infect your PC and cause you endless grief, from traditional Computer Viruses to Adware and Malware, and although some of these bugs are technically not viruses, they can still slow your computer system down, as well as compromise the security of your personal or private information either stored on your PC or entered into your PC, for example, while logging into your internet banking.

Virus Scanners
A good Virus scanner with “Real Time” monitoring / protection ( e.g. NOD32 ) can protect you against most bugs, but no Virus Scanner will protect you 100% of the time against 100% of the bugs, and a virus, piece of malware or adware may still get by your scanner. If this happens it is important to get the computer cleaned as soon as possible, as the longer you leave it the worse it can get, and you may even end up losing data or not being able to boot into your operating system at all

Our Virus Cleaning Service
If you should find yourself with one of these bugs, or suspect you may have a virus, or have pop-up ads, and wish to get rid of them, then we offer a complete virus cleaning service. If you have been infected with a single instance of a single bug, we may be able to get rid of it onsite and get you up and running on the spot, however, to clean and check a PC properly, normally means running several scans with a few different specific tools, and each scan may take an hour or two, depending on the speed of your PC and the amount of data it has to scan. It is for this reason we will normally take your PC away and run these scans while we do other things ( it helps keep the cost down to you ), and then return the PC to you onsite in a timely manner.

In some cases the computer might be that badly infected that even after a complete virus cleaning, the PC will still not boot due to damaged system files. In this scenario a “Format and Re-Install” of the operating may be recommended ( see below ).

Switch to Linux to help prevent getting infected
It is also worth noting that whilst viruses or malware do exist for Linux, including Ubuntu, it is Rare for a linux user to become infected, simply because of how secure Linux is. So much so that many linux users don’t even run virus scanners, and although they are available for linux, alot of them are checking for viruses that would effect a Windows PC. With the amount of Viruses and Malware around today, its making more and more sense to switch to Ubuntu / Linux ( To find out more about switching to Ubuntu first visit the Ubuntu Website , and if you require assistance in making the switch, then please give us a call ).

Format and Reinstallation of either the Microsoft Windows or Linux Ubuntu Operating System

In some cases formatting your computer and reinstalling the operating system is not only the best overall solution but also the quickest. If this procedure takes place at your premises then the “onsite repair charges” apply, however if we take your computer back to our base to complete this task then the “Format & Reinstallation” charge will be applied instead.

A format and Reinstall entails the following:
1.Backing up all available / required data on the hard disk drive
2.Formatting the hard drive ( wiping ALL data from it ).
3.Reinstalling the version of Windows that you were using previously ( unless you also wish to upgrade the version at this time ).
4.If previously installed we will also re-install Microsoft Office at no extra charge, however you must make sure you are able to provide us with your CD key.

If you require additional software installed, additional labour charges to the “Format & Reinstall” Charge may apply. Also if the additional software that you require to be installed is software you have purchased, you will also need to provide us with the installation CD. However if it is software freely available for download ( shareware, opensource, freeware ) we can download the software again for you if you do not still have the original installation file.