About Us

 About Us


Advantage Computer Systems are a mobile computer / I.T. business that have been in business for over 20 years, and offer services to the small to medium business market, as well as catering for home based businesses.

Our products and services include:

  • General PC repair ( either onsite, or remotely )
  • Website solutions
  • Managing Google Ad Campaigns
  • Back-up services ( both onsite and offsite )
  • Cloud services
  • Hosting ( web, email, domain, & crm )
  • Desktop computers, laptops, and computer upgrades

We also support the Linux Desktop Operating System, and can help your business transition across if you wish. For more information on Linux, please Click Here.


To get to know our clients, their current computer setup, and their needs or requirements, in order to operate as if we were their own internal I.T department.

It is our intent to make recommendations only when we see a benefit to the client, and to manage all technical aspects of a client's I.T infrastructure, so they don't have to.

Only when everything runs seamlessly, do we consider that we have done our job.



Personalised customer focused approach.

We pride ourselves on getting to know your business, and I.T. requirements and needs, so we are able to offer better and more appropriate solutions. Our aim is to make you feel like you have your own internal I.T. Person

We talk in Layman's terms not I.T. jargon.

Instead of using technical jargon that can sound like a foreign language at times, we prefer to use more of a universal language to better communicate issues or solutions, with the aim of achieving more productive outcomes for your business.

A remote login service to save both your Time and Money

Our remote login service means that for a lot of issues, we eliminate the onsite call out fee, and can respond much quicker, reducing your downtime.

All-round solutions for your business

We provide a range of services from supplying computers or laptops, to web design, web & email hosting services, setting up & managing Google Ad campaigns, setting you up on Linux, back-up systems, getting you set up on a CRM system, cloud services, even logo design if required. Our business is to make your business easier.

Open source solutions where possible

Using some open solutions can reduce your "Total Cost of Ownership" of a PC. Sometimes by reducing or eliminating licencing costs, and other times by reducing repair or servicing costs. Either way open source can improve you bottom line.

Australian Hosting Service using Australian Data Centres

One of the advantages of using Australian data centres is speed, and the time it takes your website to load. Our hosting services are also reserved for businesses which increases the reliability of our service.