Hosting and SEO Services

Hosting and SEO Services

Web Hosting and SEO Feature ListOur Hosting Service
We have a Linux Server located in an Australian data centre that utilises the network infrastructure of a dedicated National ISP.

Our hosting is specifically designed for Australian Businesses, and as such we do not sell these services online, or offer the service to anyone and everyone. Our aim is to serve the Australian SMB market ( including home businesses ).
We are able to host the following:

• Domain Names / DNS records
• Websites
• Email
• MySQL databases

Please see the Full Feature list to the left to see everything that our “Hosting & SEO Package” includes.

Please note that although we can provide the hosting service independantly of the SEO Service, we only provide the SEO services if we are also hosting your website. This will allow us easier access to your website when optimising it, and just simply makes the process more time efficient overall.


Control Panel Access

Control Panel access is available upon request for those clients who wish to manage there own hosting, email, and website settings, as well as their DNS records.

*Caution is advised however, as there are settings in here that could disable or delete vital information needed for the website or email to work. Should this happen, then we will charge for fixing it again.


Search Engine Optimisation
Once we have gotten your website listed with the search engines, the next concern is your websites placement within those listings under certain search terms.

The way search engines work is, they try and list the most relevant sites first based upon its “criteria” ( also referred to as “algorithm” ).

The task of Search Engine Optimisation involves, not only making your website search engine friendly by allowing the search engine to see the relevant parts of your site, but also optimising your site to meet the search engines ever-changing criteria.

This is an ongoing process, as even if you reach the placement you were striving for this month, it doesn’t mean you’ll still be there next month. Your website needs to be regularly monitored, and if needed, “Optimised”. Please note that no-one can actually “guarantee” a specific placement in the listings ( e.g. first place, or first page ), Search Engine Optimisation is simply the job of striving for these sought after placements.