Managed Domain Names



The First Step to getting any website is normally registering a Domain Name, this is the .com or address that people will type into their browser to get to your website ( e.g. or ). It will also be the address that your emails will use ( e.g. or )

Secure your Domain Name now

Even if your not quite ready to get a website, you will at least want to secure a domain name before someone else snaps it up, or possibly just so you can at least start using it for email purposes. You also may be wanting to print new business cards and want to confirm what your email and web addresses will be so that you can have these added to your new business cards now, instead of having to pay for reprints later.

Registering and Managing Your Domain Name

Advantage Computer Systems can not only check to see if your preferred Domain Name or Names are available, but also register them for you. Once registered, we will then manage the Domain Name on your behalf, including the DNS Records for your Domain Name. DNS Records are simply records that are associated with your Domain Name, for example they tell computers on the internet which website server is hosting your website, and which email server is hosting your email accounts.

Our aim is to keep things simple, and to do the technical work, so you don’t have to.