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Cloud Services

Cloud Computing and Cloud Services are rapidly becoming as important to businesses as websites were 20 years ago. The advantages and benefits of cloud related services are many, and cloud services have especially come into their own during the pandemic as more and more business switch to the power of the Cloud.

Like a lot of I.T. services, setting up and maintaining cloud infrastructure for your business can require technical knowledge in order to do it right. That is why all of our Cloud Services come as Managed Services, so we look after the technical aspects, and you reap the benefits and convenience of simply using these services within your business.

Our Cloud Services List


We have suppliers located all around the Perth metro in order to make sure we can get you back up and running faster.


Nextcloud Productivity Suite

We offer both a Mobile Repair Service and a Remote Login Repair Service, so we can even help you if you are outside the Perth Metro area.


Virtual Cloud Computers

We recommend using a Linux Operating System whenever possible or viable and can help you decide if this is the case.