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I.T. & Computer Services

Our philosophy is to provide those businesses, who don’t have a dedicated I.T. department, with your very own I.T person. Our intention is to become more familiar with your business and I.T requirements, as time goes on, and therefore become much better positioned to offer you good advice specific to your business. 

We use the word “Managed” a lot on this website. Our feeling is that whilst we need to keep you well informed about your I.T. infrastructure, it should just work, with little to no effort from you. We should take care of all the technical stuff, so you don’t have to. The end result being a seamless managed I.T. integration that allows you to just focus on running your business.

Our I.T. Services List


We have suppliers located all around the Perth metro in order to make sure we can get you back up and running faster.


Back Up Systems

We can fully automate your back-up processes so ALL of your data is backed up without you having to do a thing, and can back-up a copy offsite.


PC Repairs

We offer both a Mobile Repair Service and a Remote Login Repair Service, so we can even help you if you are outside the Perth Metro area.


Internet & Networking

We can get you on the Internet, and Network your computers together all on the same Network, or create separate Networks if needed.


Linux Systems - Stop Viruses

We recommend using a Linux Operating System whenever possible or viable and can help you decide if this is the case.


Security & Antivirus

We can assess your needs and make recommendations to improve both your Security and Anti-Virus measures, at both PC and Network Level.