If You Lost All Your Data What would you do?

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The Sad Truth

One of the most important areas of a business’s I.T infrastructure, is data protection. Quite often the cost of replacing a business computer is negligible compared to the cost of losing all the data stored on it. Computer hardware can easily be replaced, unfortunately the same can not be said for your company’s data, unless you have a good data back-up system in place.
The sad truth is, many businesses today, still don’t!!

It's Simpler than you think

It is sometimes perceived to be either too expensive, or too complicated, this simply isn’t the case.

One of the other main reason’s why a business might not have an adequate Back-Up System in place is possible confusion.
Many businesses for example will do their MYOB or Quicken Back-Ups, thinking that is all their important data backed-up, but what about all the other data on a PC, all the files in your documents folder, or on your desktop, emails, calendar appointments, contacts information, pictures, databases, or other data associated with an important piece of software that your company uses.

Also note, that simply “moving” data to an external drive, and then removing the data from your PC, does not back-up your data. What if that external drive were to fail? In order to have a back-up, you need at least 2 copies of the data, on 2 different devices / media, preferably with another offsite. ALL of this data can be backed up efficiently & easily, and in many cases the process can be automated, so it can’t be forgotten.

What is the Back-Up protecting me against?

It used to be that a back-up was designed to protect you against data corruption, or a hardware failure such as a hard drive dying, fire or theft.
These days Ransomware attacks have also become another major consideration. Depending on how you are backing up, a Ransomware attack has the potential to not only encrypt the files on your PC, and other PCs on the same network that it can access, but possibly also your back-ups, making it impossible to recover that data. Even if you pay the ransom, quite often the attacker will still not decrypt your data.

A good Back-Up system would protect you against all of these disaster events.

What is the 3-2-1 Back-Up Rule?

The 3-2-1 Back-Up Rule is a well respected, and long-established rule that simply says, you should have 3 copies of your data ( the 1 on your PC plus 2 copies / back-ups ), on at least 2 different devices, and 1 of those copies should be offsite.

Our Service

Advantage Computer Systems can assess your business’s data back-up needs, and can help you determine which data back-up system would be right for you, and how often the data back-up should be performed. We can then implement that system for you, supplying any hardware or software that may be required, automate the process, and explain to you anything you need to know, or if the back-ups will be performed manually, then how to go about the process.

We can also monitor the Back-Up routines to ensure that if, for any reason they stop working, that we remedy the situation before a disaster event occurs.

If your business has not currently got an adequate back-up system in place, then please call us to make an appointment in order to protect your business’s data.

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