Managed Pre-Designed Website Package



Our Pre-Designed Website Package
Our pre-designed websites are just like regular websites without the cost of the “customised” design element.

Using this method of building a site reduces the cost of your website, as essentially all you’re paying for is to have the individual pages created from the template, and your content laid out within those pages.

The pre-designed package also includes much more, such as managed website hosting, email, stats and even a domain name registration or renewal. Have a look at the full pre-designed package feature list on the left to see what else is included.

If you would like to know more about our Managed Website Hosting service, then please see our “Managed Website Hosting” page, or even our “Managed Email Only Hosting” page if you would like more information about the virus and spam protection

If you would like to more information about Managed Domain Name Registration/Renewal service, Please see our “Managed Domain Names” page

If you would like to learn more about CRMs or our Managed SugarCRM Hosting Service, before taking advantage of our great “3 Months Free Trial” Offer, then Please see our “Customer Relationship Management - Suitecrm” page.

Stock Images
If you are struggling to come up with images or photos for your website, then as an additional service we can also provide stock images that relate to your type or style of business. Because each image or each size of an image costs a different amount, it is hard to quote on this service. However, you can specify a budget you would like us to stick to. Anywhere from $50 to $150 for a 5 – 10 page site should be ample. Depending on number of images required, it could be less.

Stock ImagesCopywriting
The number 1 reason a website generally takes longer than normal, is waiting for content from “the client”. Writing body copy for your website, sometimes is a tedious or daunting task, and is very easy to put off when you have all the workings of a normal business day happening. It is for this reason we have made available copywriting services. Feel free to utilise this service if you don’t already have body copy for your site, and don’t wish to write it yourself. This service is charged at an hourly rate.

Call Us Today
So if it sounds like our Pre-Designed Website Package is what you need, then please call us today on +61 8 9467 2650 to start discussing your needs, and take that first step to getting an Advantage Computer Systems Website, We'll do all the technical stuff, so you don't have to.

Our Process is Easy

  • First we show you 5 or 6 template designs to choose from
  • You select a design that you are happy with
  • Once you have chosen a design, we complete the paperwork to proceed
  • You can begin sending us content from this time on
  • We begin constructing the framework of your website
  • We populate the website with content that you have sent us so far
  • Your website will be located in a demo area, so you may check progress anytime
  • We’ll communicate with you and let you know what content we still require
  • Once the website is finished, we proof read it
  • You check the site, and proof read it for yourself
  • We make any amendments that you request, until you are 100% happy
  • We set the website live

Managed Google Ads Campaign
Once we have gotten your website listed with the search engines, the next concern is getting your website displayed within those listings under certain search terms.

This is where a Google Ads Campaign comes in. We manage this additional service for you, and work with you to ensure we are getting the best results possible. Please see our Managed Google Ads Campaign Page for more information.