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Virtual Cloud Computers

Virtual Cloud Computing is a technology that has really taken off in recent years, as it can either eliminate the need for your own hardware, and the maintenance costs associated with it, and improving uptime.

Using Virtual Computers in the Cloud is more common than you may realise for servers. However, it is also possibly to use virtual computing for your desktop computers as well, This could mean that you, or your employees could access their work PC from anywhere, and because the resources required on the PC you use to log into your virtual PC are fairly minimal, it can extend the lifespan of that PC.

Our Managed Virtual Cloud PCs

The Service we offer combines the power of Linux with the power of Virtual Cloud Computing giving you an “access anywhere” virtual PC that comes with an operating system that is renowned for its stability and security, as well as its low cost-of-ownership.

We can further reduce costs by setting up one Virtual Computer that allows multiple users to log in at once, and all have access to the same set of software.

There are several advantages to running this style of infrastructure, and while this may depend on your exact circumstances or requirements, the following are some possible advantages that you could be taking advantage of:

  1. Protects data in the event of Computer / Laptop / Device theft
  2. Allows teleworking to reduce office costs
  3. Allows staff to work from home ( e.g. in the event of another pandemic )
  4. Can reduce computer hardware costs
  5. Can reduce PC maintenance costs ( i.e. only 1 PC to maintain instead of many )

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The cost of Cloud Computing can vary depending on the number of users, and the resources required, but it is easily upscalable as your business grows.

So if it sounds like our Virtual Cloud Computing will help your business progress to another level, or achieve a particular outcome, then please give us a call.

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