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It could save you both money and reduce computer related issues.

We recommend using a Linux Operating System whenever possible or viable

What is Linux?

  1. Linux is an Operating System that has been around since 1991.
  2. It is an alternative to other operating systems like Windows or Mac-OS.
  3. It is known for it’s high-level of Security, Stability, Privacy and Resilience to Viruses.
  4. It is an Operating System that you probably already use in one form or another, just without knowing it.
  5. Whilst far more popular in Server environments, it is also available for Desktop Computers.

Why should I switch to Linux?

  1. Linux is known to be incredibly secure, stable and reliable.
  2. To Stop getting Viruses.
  3. It’s Easy to use.
  4. It has a Quick and Easy update process.
  5. Low cost of ownership.
  6. You can use your computer for longer before replacing it, as Linux tends to be less “Resource Hungry”.
  7. It Just Works!!

Who already uses Linux?

You Do !!
You probably already use Linux in one form or another, every single day, without even realising it.
Below are some examples of where Linux is used, not just by you, but also some very high-level applications.

  1. The worlds Top 500 Supercomputers. A Supercomputer is an extremely powerful computer capable of far more operations per second than a standard computer. In layman’s terms this means, the 500 most powerful computers on the planet, all run Linux. Every single one ( as at June 2021 ).
  2. Your smart TV likely runs a variant of Linux. Linux runs on Samsung, LG, Hisense, Philips, Panasonic and more.
  3. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, Instagram, Wikipedia & Yahoo all run on Linux.
  4. Android, the worlds most popular operating system, runs on a modified Linux kernel.
  5. In-Car & In-Flight entertainment systems usually run on Linux.
  6. Every major Space Program uses Linux ( NASA, ESA, JPL ).
  7. The $10 billion Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland ( a very large & expensive piece of science equipment ) uses Linux.
  8. The Australian Defence Force’s $1.7 million Flight Simulator is powered by Linux.
  9. 90% of all cloud infrastructure runs on Linux.
  10. U.S. Department of Defence, U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Fleet all use Linux.
  11. Stock Exchanges around the World ( ASX, NYSE, LSE, TSE ), all run Linux.

When it’s Mission Critical, It’s Linux !!

It's great that NASA use Linux on the International Space Station, but how does Linux help my business back here on Earth?

The main advantages of running your business computers on Linux are less downtime, less money spent on I.T. Repair costs, Longer life for your PCs, and an Increased Protection against viruses.

Whilst viruses do exist for Linux, it is Rare that a Linux computer will become infected, simply because of how secure Linux is. So much so, that many Linux users don’t even run virus scanners, and although they are available for Linux, a lot of them are checking for viruses that would only affect a Windows PC. With the amount of Viruses and Malware around today, especially Ransomware viruses, its making more and more sense to switch to Linux.

Anything else I should know?


Although Linux generally runs on any existing PC, there are other considerations to take into account before making the switch, such as any software that your business relies on. Even if a piece of software you rely on is only available on windows, this does not disqualify you from using Linux. Many viruses come through either email or via compromised websites that you may visit. We have helped businesses switch to Linux, in order to protect them from virus related issues, and although most of their work is carried out using Linux, we have additionally set up a virtual windows environment within Linux, to enable the client to continue using a particular piece of software ( e.g. an accounting program ).

Also, because of the way Linux is developed, it means there are many different distributions ( or “distros” for short ), and it is worth having a conversation about which “distro” would be best for you and your employees. Ubuntu, is always a popular choice, but there are also a couple of distros based on Ubuntu that are equally worth serious consideration. If you are coming from a Windows environment then Mint & Zorin OS are worth looking at, and if you are coming from a Mac OS environment then elementary OS is also worth a look. Either way, we can usually give you a demonstration of each of these, and assist with a planned approach to switching across, including backing up and transferring data across.

What if we want to stay on Windows?

Then we highly recommend a virus scanner such as NOD32, a reliable deity, and some unscheduled coffee breaks to get you through those updates.

…and if all that fails, then we’re here if you need us.

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