Managed-Custom-Designed Websites



If our pre-designed websites don’t quite meet your needs, or if you have a need or requirement that would involve having a website custom designed, built and/or tailored to suit those exact needs, then Advantage Computer Systems can still provide you with what you require.

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You will of course still be involved during the process, by providing content that is needed for the website, as well as approving a design concept, and the final product before we set it live.

If you are struggling to come up with images or photos for your website, then as an additional service we can also provide stock images that relate to your type or style of business. Because each image or each size of an image costs a different amount, it is hard to quote on this service. However, you can specify a budget you would like us to stick to. Anywhere from $50 to $150 for a 5 – 10 page site should be ample. Depending on number of images required, it could be less.

The number 1 reason a website generally takes longer than normal, is waiting for content from “the client”. Writing body copy for your website, sometimes is a tedious or daunting task, and is very easy to put off when you have all the workings of a normal business day happening. It is for this reason we have made available copywriting services. Feel free to utilise this service if you don’t already have body copy for your site, and don’t wish to write it yourself. This service is charged at an hourly rate.

So if it is a “Custom” Designed Website that you need, then please call us today on +61 8 9467 2650 to start discussing your needs, and take that first step to getting an Advantage Computer Systems Website, You’ll be glad you did.