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Our Website Hosting Service

We run and manage our own Linux Servers located in a data centre, in Australia.

Our hosting is specifically designed for Australian Businesses, and as such we do not sell these services online, or offer the service to anyone and everyone. Our aim is to serve the Australian SMB market ( including home businesses ).
We are able to host the following:

  • Websites
  • Email
  • Domain Names / DNS records
  • MySQL databases

All of our hosting accounts include virus & spam scanning for email as standard.

Email Hosting

Each email that comes to your inbox is scanned for viruses and also assessed against a set of rules and blacklists, to determine if it is spam or not. Based on these tests and assessments the email is then assigned an overall score.

Depending on the overall score, the email is then either delivered as normal, or tagged as either “possible Spam, or Spam Email, or in extreme cases simply deleted before the email ever reaches your inbox.

Whilst the email hosting comes with virus protection, it is still STRONGLY recommended that you also has a virus scanner with a real-time scanning function on your PC, as no virus scanner will catch 100% of the viruses, 100% of the time.

We recommend using NOD32 ( ).

Additional Virus Protection

We recommend switching to Linux.

We have been using Linux ourselves as our main operating system of choice since 2011, and haven’t had a single virus in that time.

This is also true for clients of ours, that have made the choice to switch across to Linux.

More information can be found on our Linux Systems page, or you can call us to see if this would be an appropriate solution for your business.

Managed Domain Name

The First Step to getting any website is normally registering a Domain Name, even if your not quite ready to get a website, you will at least want to secure a domain name before someone else snaps it up, or possibly just so you can at least start using it for email purposes.

You also may be wanting to print new business cards and want to confirm what your email and web addresses will be.

We can not only check to see if your preferred Domain Name/s are available, but also register & renew them for you.

We will also manage the Domain Name and DNS Records on your behalf. DNS Records are simply records associated with your Domain Name they tell computers where your website and emails are located ( as well as other things ).

Our aim is to keep things simple, and to do the technical work, so you don’t have to.

Hosting Price List


Website Hosting

$35/per month

No Set-Up Fee
Domain Name
Website Hosting
Email Hosting
Statistics Package


Email Only Hosting

$25/per month

No Set-Up Fee
Domain Name
Email Hosting
Virus Scanning
Spam Scanning


Additional Domain Names

$10/per month
/per additional domain name
No Set-Up Fee
Domain Registration / Renewels
Domain Name Management
Request Info
* Only available with website or hosting accounts

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