PC Repairs

PC Repairs 

Remote Login Repair Service – Nationwide

Advantage Computer Systems offers a “Remote Login Repair Service” for those clients that are connected to the internet via ADSL / Broadband / NBN. This is especially useful if, for example, you are located in a country area, although the service is offered Nationwide.

What this involves is simply calling to make an appointment, then we use a small piece of software that will allow us to log in once you have clicked to accept the connection. You will be able to watch and see everything we do in real-time. Once we have finished and close the connection, we are unable to log back in unless re-authorised again by you. Its that easy. Plus, it will save you a call-out fee.

Onsite Repairs – Perth Metro

Advantage Computer Systems offers a mobile repair service, where we come to you, and either fix your PC “On-Site” or should the repair or service be a little bit more extensive or time consuming, then we may take the PC away, repair it, and then deliver it back to you, all in a timely manner.

How you can assist in a speedy repair.
You may require our PC repair services for a variety of reasons, your computer may have a virus, it may be encountering a specific error or problem, or it possibly might have stopped working altogether and be a hardware fault. Although not essential, we ask, if possible, that you have the following items ready with your PC upon our arrival, to aid in a speedy and efficient repair:

1. All Disks or CDs that came with your computer.
2. Your Windows installation CD and serial number.
3. All the driver and utility disks or CDs that you have for your PC.
4. Any other disks, CDs and serial numbers that may be relevant, for example if you are having a problem with Microsoft Office it would be helpful if you had your MS Office CD and serial number at hand.